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Our unique NICORE integration and computational platform:

  • Enables the collection of sensor data from a large number of subsystems
  • Provides computing resources to process those measurements into meaningful quantities
  • Makes the processed information available to business applications that are built on top of the platform
3D Venue
Our intuitive 3D venue models allow visitors to jump right in and explore – get the latest information, from exhibitor profiles and meeting agendas to restaurant menus and products. Our flexible models are real 3D (not extruded 2.5D), and every aspect can be updated on-the-fly with background updating.

Navigation Systems


Built on a decade of R&D, our system is robust, cost-effective and proven in the field. Our patented technology won the Microsoft indoor positioning world championships in 2014, requires no fingerprinting or expensive hardware and is future-proofed for a variety of upcoming location technologies. The system has been tested with a wide variety of input signals and methods, from UWB to LTE femtocells.

For the event environment, we use Bluetooth Low-Energy beacons (“iBeacons”) to meet the challenges of large-scale venues at low cost.

  • Works offline
  • Low hardware costs – no investment in expensive hardware required
  • No “fingerprinting” needed
  • Fast set-up: for GITEX 2015, beacons covering 107,000 sq. meters of indoor space were installed in six hours
  • Aisle-level accuracy (2-3 meters)
  • Real-time “indoor GPS” based on waypoints – attendees keep their eyes on the show, not their phones
  • Minimal device battery drain
Interactive 3D Shopping Experiences

  • Complete store listing and company information
  • 3D venue & floor plans
  • Interactive kiosk & wayfinder
  • Web based CMS & dashboards
  • Product promotions and advertising
  • Car park space & traffic monitoring
  • Kids' tracking 
  • ​Real time business intelligence and analytics